From Inbox to Engagement: Building a Strong Email List for Multichannel Success

Struggling to make your marketing efforts stand out? Many businesses have the same problem, but there’s a solution: anchor your message across all platforms using one hub!

Anchoring your message means using one consistent message across all marketing channels, including email, social media, and your blog. This approach increases engagement and brand awareness while best utilizing your resources by reducing team duplication of effort.

Start by building a strong email list with who you already know. This is essential for reaching your current network directly and keeping them engaged with your brand. Simply ask your followers, connections, fans, friends, clients, and prospects to join your email list. Grab their mailing address and ask for follows on social media while you have their attention.

To sweeten the deal, offer your audience something of value when asking them to subscribe to your email list, such as a free guide or a discount on your products or services. This builds trust with your audience and encourages them to engage with your brand across all platforms.

Other suggestions to help you stop making excuses and dragging your feet (yes, I did just said that out loud…):

  • Don’t wait on the list to be complete, just get started using one consistent message with researched keywords across all channels. Use a free key word search tool. Don’t know why keywords are important for the future? Google that idea and read on. HERE are some suggestions for free keyword tools from Mailchimp! 
  • Your website is another tool that will always be evolving. Don’t wait until your site is perfect. It won’t ever be perfect and your ducks won’t ever be in a row. When is the best time to start building historical consistency with your blog and social posts? RIGHT NOW!
  • Create a concise tagline that communicates your key message and state it often and change it as you evolve. For example, Micalizzi Media’s new tagline is “Assess Your Impact | Grow on Purpose,” which reinforces my cause marketing assessment brand niche and makes it easier for my target audience to remember and recognize my brand.

In conclusion, anchoring your message across all platforms is essential for increasing engagement and brand awareness. Build a strong email list, use one consistent message across all marketing channels, and offer your audience something of value. By following these tips, you can take your marketing efforts to the next level and stand out in a crowded marketplace.


Michelle Micalizzi is a multifaceted entrepreneur who is passionate about positively impacting her community, achieving personal and professional growth, and helping others to live a purpose-driven life through her work in cause marketing, wellness, art, and philanthropy. She is on a mission to live a life of purpose that she does not need a vacation from, and she is committed to helping others do the same.


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