Own Your Own Dang Story!

We all have a story. The tribe you want to attract will ❤️❤️❤️ your story. 

In 2015 I interviewed Chuck Trautman. The CEO & Founder of the Arizona Marketing Association (AzMA).  

I so agreed with Chuck when he  said “To have a strong following for your business you have to stand for or be for something. Thus you must repel those who are against what you stand for. By doing so, those who are for what you’re for will be more fervent followers and clients. It also makes your work more enjoyable to not work with those who are a pain in your butt.

Man I agree more so now then ever!! 

Practicing what I preach I have been working on Micalizzi Media’s mission | vision | values statements.  I sent over the first draft to some in my professional network for their feedback.  

One of my colleagues told me that my vision statement sounded to “fluffy” and it needed more “grit“.  Another said it was to “generic” & went on to say “Just keeping it real because, I ADORE what you stand for. And I think you being such an authentic bold and integrity-filled perspective to the world of marketing that’s often vague and meh.

The feedback reminded me to unapologetically tell my own bad ass story. Needless to say I am reworking and will be sharing the results with you soon.

Sure, we may be successful if we tell someone else’s story.  The problem is when we succeed that way we gain nothing because we’ve lost the most important thing – ourselves.  

The truth is both our true & the faux stories will repel people. 

Just make sure your repelling the right people! If you get  stuck  with the wrong bozos on your bus what will you have accomplished? 


So…. to those of you who find my personal & professional brands to not be in alignment with your business needs or personal sensibilities? 

I bless you & encourage you to find the marketing expert that does align with your needs & values.

However, If you want a strong willed scrapper with a fellow entrepreneur’s mind set and voice to roll up in leather on her Harley ready to relentless roll her sleeves up and to get into the trenches with you to get the job done? Then I am your girl. 

I help companies like yours to find & communicate YOUR true story to YOUR real tribe….

If you want a traditional corporate sensible type marketing leader…. You’re lookin in the wrong place. As a owner of several businesses myself, I have walked  through fire just like you have. The biggest thing I have learned over and over again, is that if you REALLY want to get shit done the right way the only way to do it correctly is to be unapologetically yourself. 

I am so glad that I’ve been reminded to lead with my strong authentic self right out of the gate in these my first months of accepting clients with Micalizzi Media. It will save me a lot of pain later by repelling the wrong clients and making room for my tribe to show up!

Maybe…. you needed reminding too?

FULL ARTICLE 👉 fearlesslydeliver.com/chucktrautman

Owner | Fractional CMO

As a marketing expert with strong personal entrepreneurial & intrapreneur experience Michelle uniquely benefits businesses from start-ups to well-established national companies. Her extensive business & commercial design education combined with a life time of experience as an entrepreneur with a demonstrated relentless drive for success enables her to realistically connect marketing and growth activity to investor interest with high energy.

A strong belief in community and collective engagement leads Michelle to think out of the box to educate, inspire, solve problems and create growth. A skilled speaker and presenter, she establishes rapport easily one-on-one and with audiences. A fitness buff, artist and biker chic she has credible in-person presence for businesses that are focused on disrupting their space, especially health, fitness, fashion, beauty, motorcycle culture or SaaS businesses.

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