Execution Wins

We all agree that expertly executed marketing strategies lead to brand recognition, a competitive advantage, increased sales and growth, as well as employee satisfaction and retention.

Business leaders know that strong brands communicated effectively through product development, distribution chain management, customer service, savvy pricing, sales engagement and effective business development management lead to an excellent brand experience.

Bottom Line, companies who develop and EXECUTE marketing strategies that are in complete continuous alignment with their organizations overall strategic goals win.

Ready to Scale but….

Like never before, businesses must cooperatively react and adapt to today’s rapidly shifting market conditions and competitive dynamics by adjusting company strategy and execution plans quickly.

As your organization grows, pivoting and responding appropriately may be an elusive mysterious challenge.

Pesky problems pop up every day like leadership bandwidth limitations, technology overwhelm, brand confusion, employee burnout, experience gaps, lack of creative inspiration and of course the dreaded B word (budget) issues. 

The Solution

Micalizzi Media is a great solution for companies that are ready to scale and know in their heart of hearts that they need to revisit thier marketing strategy AND are ready to execute that new plan with effective marketing leadership.

We advise inspired companies who are on fire to grow how to best expand markets, increase awareness, build loyalty, drive engagement and grow revenues.

We do this by first giving you a third party birds eye view of your existing marketing mix with our Marketing Discovery Assessment which enables us to advise you on new opportunities & directions.

If you choose to engage us to lead your strategy forward, we will then provide you with the resources and leadership you need to execute your plan!


Do you have a sneaky suspicion that you’re marketing could be doing more for you but, you just don’t know where to start?


Michelle Micalizzi

As a marketing expert with strong personal entrepreneurial & intrapreneur experience Michelle uniquely benefits businesses from start-ups to well-established national companies. Her extensive business & commercial design education combined with a life time of experience as an entrepreneur with a demonstrated relentless drive for success enables her to realistically connect marketing and growth activity to investor interest with high energy.

A strong belief in community and collective engagement leads Michelle to think out of the box to educate, inspire, solve problems and create growth. A skilled speaker and presenter, she establishes rapport easily one-on-one and with audiences. A fitness buff, artist and biker chic she has credible in-person presence for businesses that are focused on disrupting their space, especially health, fitness, fashion, beauty, motorcycle culture or SaaS businesses.

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